Client Spotlight: Martin Marino

Martin Marino is the purveyor of made-to-order, gorgeous, Italian handbags that emphasize style, individuality, and craftsmanship, and coincidentally one of our favorite clients. We can easily picture ourselves sipping Prosecco on the shores of Santorini in head-to-toe luxury with one of their tailor-made handbags.

With over 150 years of Italian craftsmanship at your fingertips, Martin Marino has a passion for fashion. From their classic silhouettes, to the leather color option, the beauty is in the details. Martin Marino’s bags are strikingly versatile, able to go from everyday wear to evening ready.

They make it perfectly simple to get the bag of your dreams. Choose from one of their six silhouette designs and get to customizing. Crafted in Italy to your specifications, in four easy steps your bag will arrive at your doorstep, without the middle-man or up-pricing that happens with other luxury brands.   

Interested in learning more about Martin Marino? Here’s an event in the Bay Area on March 28th. And by attending, you immediately get 25% off the regular retail price! Click here to sign up.