Virtual Office Pro Tip: Free Group Video Calling with Skype

Oliver + Sons operates 100% out of a “virtual office” — with team members in both Baltimore and San Francisco, we couldn’t do our jobs as well as we do them without Skype. Period. End of story. Case closed.

We woke up to a little treat in our inboxes this morning, Skype now offers its group video call feature for free (read the announcement here). The group video call feature is what’s really driven us to continue our Premium Subscription, as it’s been invaluable for brainstorming, strategizing, checking-in and just generally communicating with our clients, which span across countries and oceans.

So, here’s to you Skype — without you, none of this would be possible. We’ll probably even keep our Premium Account, just because we like you.

Our Favorite Things About Universal Analytics


We love data. Data informs our decision-making, guides our strategy-conjuring, and really helps us understand our clients, their challenges, and successes. So, we’ve been eagerly awaiting news that Universal Analytics is finally out of beta, and ready for the big show. That announcement came early in April, and we’ve spent the past few weeks really getting our hands dirty with some of the new functionality.

Here are a few of our favorite things (queue: Sound of Music) about Universal Analytics:

1. Cross-Device Reporting Is Awesome! We work with a number of software and app publishers, and the ability to track customer-lifecycle as they migrate through the website into the app and back to the website has always been a huge challenge. Not to mention the massive challenge of identifying users in a multi-screen world. Universal Analytics’ User ID functionality gives us the ability to do just that — track and measure the user as they navigate an organizations web, desktop and mobile properties.

2. All Analytics Everywhere. This isn’t entirely new functionality, but many people don’t know that you can add Google Analytics to just about any digital property. Want to track usage behavior in your mobile app? Yup, you can do it with Google Analytics. Want to track engagement patterns in your desktop app? Yup, Google Analytics can do that, too. Hell, you can even track user behavior on gaming consoles. Universal Analytics comes with several new versions of the Google Analytics tracking code, which make tracking off-web analytics even easier. More about that here.

3. Demographic + Interest Reporting. Okay, so this was available in Classic Analytics, but it was a big reason why we never fully migrated over to testing Universal Analytics when it was in Beta. In addition to providing basic information about key demographic information associated with your users, you can also drill down to evaluate your most profitable segments — all at the click of a button.

4. Cost Analysis, Kinda. This is a feature that’s been available for some time now, as well, and we’ve always thought that it’s had massive potential. If you’re advertising with Adwords, and have your Adwords account connected to your Analytics account, you have the ability to marry your Adwords data (cost, impressions, campaign and ad group breakdown) with your Analytics data (bounce rate, conversion rate, time on site, etc). For the media planners, buyers and optimizers of the world, this simple integration has saved us countless hours of time. Cost Analysis offers the infrastructure to ingest similar data for all of your paid marketing campaigns. The feature, however, isn’t without its issues (we’ll probably get into that in another blog post), but Supermetrics offers a really snazzy, easy to use tool to automatically import your Bing data into Google Analytics.

5. And, finally — this video: 

Upgrade your Classic Analytics to Universal Analytics and set your inner data geek free. 

Not sure how to make Google Analytics work for you? Get in touch. We’d love to coach you through it. 

Hello, World!


Moody, huh? Moody, huh?

It’s our inaugural blog post! Be nice to us, we’re new here… okay, not really.

We’re Oliver + Sons, your digital marketing strategists. We are worker bees in a think tank; jacks-of-all-trades to complete your full house, and advisors to help you solve the problems you didn’t know existed. We’ve worked with all types of businesses – from start-ups to global companies. Whether you have a skeleton crew of five to entire development teams, we add that extra spark to your branding, community, analytics, user experience, and customer acquisition approaches (among other things). With flexible creative solutions, we pride ourselves on complimenting your current business plan with that additional oomph you need to level up. Our past experience in-house, freelance, and within agencies has seasoned us with a certain “je ne sais quoi” that we want to proudly lend to your team.

Just so you can get to know us, here are some things we love:

·      Spreadsheets, like whoa

·      Tacos

·      Business analytics

·      Copywriting… for pretty much anything

·      Whiskey on a cold night (or warm afternoon)

·      Consumer-facing products and services

·      Traveling the world

·      Making something from nothing

·      Emerging social media trends and platforms

·      Being unashamed culture vultures

·      Wireframes

·      Live music and good books

·      [Your business here]

We just wanted to say hello and let you know that we are excited to be here. If you need someone to talk to or want to ask us questions please contact us. Enjoy our ramblings about industry leadership, our favorite GIFs, ads we admire, and other various musings. Oh, and stay tuned without all the check-ins by signing up to get our precious O+S Quarterly (it’s a newsletter, but with a cooler name and even cooler content).

Can’t wait to meet you!